“Dual wielding two paintball guns is better than one.”


The Akimbo Uzi is a dual-wield SMG weapon. Individually, the rate of fire is low, but with this weapon comes dual-wielding, which means you get more rate of fire than normal.


Due to the Akimbo Uzi’s low range, this weapon is best to be used either at close range or at downward angles. Along with that, the lightweight of the weapon allows you to traverse pretty quickly. With this, using the weapon should be used for a fast high rate of fire play style. It can also be used for rush tactics, as it's short range and fast unload is ideal for the job.


  • This weapon is usually used by newer players.
  • This weapon possibly has the lowest range out of any weapon in the game.
  • This weapon is one of the few weapons in-game to use a teal-pink colour scheme, unlike most other starter weapons, which use a blue-yellow-green or a pink-green-orange colour scheme.



Weapon Demonstrations- Akimbo Uzi

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