Abotsss Abotsss 14 days ago

Dark Matter Gun Problem

Hello guys, @Abotsss here. I would like to say something about the recent bug/glitch/mistake that the team for BIG Paintball made. Recently, players that played at around 11:30 PM EST on March 11th received billions of credits, permitting them to buy every gun in the game, including the Dark Matter Gun. We have no idea what happened, but have a few ideas. We are 99.9% sure of one thing: the team on BIG Paintball is working on fixing it. But, we have no idea what is the next step for the game. We do not know anything but the number of players with it has been decreasing. Please do not be upset by this bug. We are sure that it will go away soon. There is nothing we can do about it. If you have any questions, please message me on my wall, or…

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SuperHeatWizard SuperHeatWizard 24 days ago

My combined update idea

Gun upgrades:

You can purchase gun upgrades for 1 million credits each. You can get 3 per gun. They increase a chosen stat of the gun by 5%. You can upgrade the fire rate, range, and the weight. You can stack all the upgrades on one stat or you can spread it out.

Kill effect update:

Sentries will now use whatever kill effect you happen to have on your gun at that time. Also, some additional guns now have kill effects. They are the snowball launcher, where people slide along the bend leaving piles of snow and make a sliding sound, the wrapped scar, where people now become covered in wrapping paper, and the candy cane sniper, where people explode into candy canes.

Random Guns:

Grenade launcher (15 million credits):

Fire Rate: Medium

Range: Insane (…

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