A player's Credit balance as shown in the menu.

Credits are the in-game currency used in BIG Paintball!, which are denoted by a symbol that is similar to an italicized Euro symbol () .  They can be earned by tagging players, sentries or drones. A player can also purchase Credits in-game using Robux. You will also earn more credits if you keep tagging opponents simultaneously- for each simultaneous tag you will earn more than the last. This streak will stop once you stop tagging opponents for a couple seconds.

Earning credits

Action performed Credits earned
Tagging player 125 (PC) 188 (Mobile & Console)+
Taking out Sentry 200 (PC) 300 (Mobile & Console) +
Taking out Drone 250 (PC)/ 375 (Moblie & Console) +
Killstreak 25 (PC) 38 (Mobile & Console) +

In double credit weekends, double the amount you see above.

Price (Robux) Credits recieved
24 30,000b h
95 180,000
280 725,000
830 2,800,000
3,190 € 11,750,000

Gaining and Using Strategies

It is always good to have a financial game plan, whether or not your in a game, or in real life. A good game plan for this game should consist of

  • A gun you want to buy
  • Playing enough every day to gain Credits
  • Focusing on saving up to buy that specific gun, not a different one (it is your plan, just a recommendation)

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