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The Dark Matter Gun is the most powerful and expensive weapon in the entire game due to its insane fire rate. The price tag currently hangs at 99,999,999 credits. It has a unique sound when shooting and killing, and is known for being very loud.


  • The Dark Matter Gun is best used for rush tactics, as for it's insane fire rate and projectile speed.
  • It can also be used for sniping, due to its extreme range. Unlike most other snipers, keep spraying at them until they are taken out since they will most likely panic and don't return fire or dodge the right way.


  • It is currently the most expensive weapon in the game
  • The fire rate on the Dark Matter Gun is the fastest in the game and is likely impossible for a real-life gun to fire this fast.
  • It is one of two weapons in the Dark Matter series, Dark Matter Dual Pistols being the other weapon.
  • The Dark Matter Gun changes colour depending on tag activity. It is one of the 4 weapons that change color, others being the Dark Matter Dual Pistols, High Tech Minigun, and High Tech Sniper.



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