"Powerful hand cannon with high range."


The Deagle is the third item in the shop and is one of the most popular weapons. Known for its range and moderate fire-rate, the Deagle can be very useful in FFA games. The Deagle is also light in weight, giving users more mobility and speed. It is best used in longer-ranged combat.


  • This gun is for beginners, it has a far range, but a low rate of fire. It can be used for short sniping, but only recommended to experienced players. As players gain more tactical knowledge, and what is where in a battlefield, they can use that to their advantage, like ambushing opponents, while you can hit a target almost 90% of the time from a decent range, it is only recommended to skillful players. New players with this gun can charge right into battle, and gain tactical information.


  • This weapon is highly recommended for new players, as its range is higher than any other starter weapon and it is cheap. It is best used for passive playing as it is semi-automatic and has slower fire-rate on mobile. Utilize its long range to snipe out unaware enemies.
  • This has one reskin, the Tempered Deagle.
  • This weapon is based on the real life Desert Eagle weapon.



Weapon Demonstrations- Deagle

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