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  • Quote, use the following code in source editor - {{<Quote|"Basic starter paintball gun. Semi-reliable.">}} (without arrows)
  • Heading - Overview
  • Infobox - Weapon (For stats use star ratings by copying the following code - {{<5 Stars>}}, {{<1 Star>}}, etc.  Please follow the table below)
  • Write a paragraph of how the weapon is used, its stats, etc.
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  • Write a paragraph of what the best strategy is to be used with the weapon.
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  • Heading - Demonstration (Optional)
  • A video containing the weapon being used against players (Optional)

No. of Stars Range Fire Rate Weight Zoom
1 Short Very Slow Very Heavy Very Small
2 Fair Slow Heavy Small
3 Medium Fair Normal Fair
4 Far Fast Light Large
5 Insane Insane Very Light Very Large

"Basic starter paintball gun. Semi-reliable."

The Default is a semi-automatic weapon without a general class to base it on.


The fact that it is semi auto, means that using this should be mixed. It will generally fit many play styles, however, sniping will require more skill than normal.


  • This weapon is most likely based on the Super Soaker 50.
  • This weapon uses a banana-mag style foregrip.
  • This weapon, like all other semi-auto weapons, when used on mobile, has the capability of fully automatic firing.



Weapon Demonstrations Default

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