The Minigun is a 63,000 Priced Weapon, it is known for it's fast fire rate.


It’s heavy weight leads to it being pretty unwieldy for certain play styles, coupled with it’s range. However, it will be useful for downward angles, and supporting the team on Campsite!. The best way to use this gun (and any gun, but mainly this gun) is when you are walking to a battle, use the Bombardment Strategy, it will spray bullets insanely over the houses, or whatever is in it's way, and it is a 1-100 chance that you will hit anybody, but chances are, they'll be running for cover.


  • This weapon’s rate of fire record is disputed with the P90 and Dark Matter Gun.
  • The weapon's description is a reference to one of the quotes from the Heavy weapons guy from TF2.


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