''A stylish hand cannon!''


The Tempered Deagle is a semi-automatic gun with a cool effect on players.

This weapon has a much better range than the Deagle, but otherwise has the same stats. It is a good weapon for experienced players who love the Deagle but want a cool kill effect and better range. This works well as a mini-sniper on smaller maps because of its high range and low fire rate.


  • It has a better range than the normal, but a low rate of fire. It can be used for short sniping, but only recommended to experienced players.
  • As players gain more tactical knowledge, and what is where in a battlefield, they can use that to their advantage, like ambushing opponents, while you can hit a target almost 90% of the time from a decent range, it is only recommended to skillful players. New players with this gun can charge right into battle, and gain tactical information.


  • This is one of the three "Tempered" weapons, other weapons include Tempered AK and Tempered SCAR.
  • This is a reskin of the Deagle.
  • This gun is based on the real life Desert Eagle weapon.
  • Unlike its normal version, the Tempered Deagle doesn't have a dual version.
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