"A burst gun that fires 3 paintballs in quick succession. P-P-POW!"


The Tommy gun is a 3-shot burst fire SMG weapon. It is one of the few weapons that is colour accurate to it's basis (Which is the Thompson M1A1, and MAYBE the Breda PG)


The Tommy gun is so far the only burst-fire weapon in game. This means, that you have to play cautiously. In order to hit someone at range, you need to make sure to track all 3 paintballs firing from it, and hope at-least 1 hits your target, Or, you can create a tight wave of 3 shots to help counteract this. This weapon is best for a mobile on the move play style. It is also best used shooting at unaware targets with limited space to dodge.


  • This weapon so far is the only burst-fire weapon in game.
  • This weapon's model does not have a trigger hole for some reason.
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