Dark Matter Dual Pistols

Update Log


Update 1 Thumbnail.png
Update Release: November 23rd, 2019. What was added:
  • New Map : City
  • New Weapons: Dual Deagles and Dual Rayguns
  • Removed Double Shot from the game
  • Better Xbox support
  • Improved Anti-Cheat Very Slightly
  • You now earn credit rewards for rapid kills, tagging a friend, and tagging admins
  • Golden Gun now gives you 5 extra credits per kill
  • Attempted to patch the "Not Yet!" deploying bug
  • Third person playermodel optimization
  • Projectile optimization
  • Networking optimization
  • Fixed the Killcam randomly breaking
  • Adjusted shop prices for some items
  • Balanced some items
  • Altered the Silenced Pistol viewmodel
  • Fixed Drones not destroying when you reset

Update 2 Thumbnail.png
Update Release: December 1st, 2019 What was added:
  • Added new weapons: Balloon Gun, Poop Gun, and Skeleton Gun
  • Complete Xbox controller support
  • Heavily optimized projectiles
  • Added Experimental mobile control scheme
  • Fixed invisible projectiles
  • Decreased Sentries health by 25%
  • Reduced killfeed size for mobile devices
  • Fixed a bug where the killfeed decides to make a surprise visit in the menu
  • Flamingo Gun is now off-sale
  • Reworked spawns on City
  • You are no longer skating on ice when playing on console
  • Console players now get 30%+ credits like mobile
  • Once again, attempted to fix the "Not Yet!" Bug

Update 3 Thumbnail.png
Update Release: December 15th, 2019 What was added:
  • Added leveling system
  • Added new map: Classic
  • Added new weapons: AK, Party Gun, and Dark matter dual pistols
  • Updated Drones to be able to shoot at Sentries
  • Dark Matter Guns start to change colors based on your active killstreak
  • Hackers are now sent to a hacker playground where they can battle it out with other naughty script kiddies
  • Better mobile controls
  • Added sprint toggle for consoles
  • Buffed the High Tech Minigun
  • Changed shop prices of a couple items
  • Speed hack patch
  • Fixed "Not Yet!" Bug
  • Bug fixes and optimization

Update 4 Thumbnail.png
Update Release: December 24th, 2019 What was added:
  • New Winter Event
  • Added Winter Pack
  • Added new weapons: Candy Cane Sniper, Golden Deagle, Santa's Gun, and Snowball Launcher
  • Added holiday music and theme to the menu
  • Completely rewrote the spawning system
  • Added spawn SFX
  • Voting time changed to 15 seconds (from 30 seconds)
  • Fixed a bug where players could spawn under the ground in the Castle map
  • Buffed the High Tech Minigun again
  • Fixed a bug where killstreaks don't reset for challenges
  • Added button sounds and FX to the message interface
  • Balanced credit rewards for leveling up
  • Fixed rubberbanding on console and mobile
  • Removed 'Get 2nd place' and 'Get 3rd place' challenges
  • Skeleton Gun is now 30% smaller
  • Killfeed not longer intrudes the menu randomly on mobile
  • Fixed a rare bug where the gun display glitches in the killcam
  • Other changes, fixes, and balances

Update 5 Thumbnail.png
Update Release: Febuary 27th, 2020 What was added:

Update 6 Thumbnail.png
Update Release: April 5th, 2020 What was added:
  • Updated map voting interface
  • Improved spawn mechanics
  • Bug Fixes

Update 7 Thumbnail.png
Update Release: April 25th, 2020 What was added:
  • New TDM Nuketown map!
  • More missions!
  • Performance boosts!
  • Bug Fixes

Screen Shot 2020-07-05 at 7.41.54 am.png
Update Release: July 5th, 2020 What was added:
  • x2 Credits weekend
  • New FFA Theme Park Map!
  • Console Improvements!
  • Colour Changes!
  • Bug Fixes!

Also a new update for 2020 Christmas, with the

  • Golden AK
  • Christmas Robux Pack
  • x2 Credit Weekends in December
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